Patisco Is a B2B Multichannel Frontend Solution 

For Enterprises to Quickly Build Their B2B Online Shops

The ONLY E-Commerce Solution Complies with B2B Operation Standard


Dilemma in Global Trading

Using Old Tool to Solve New Problems

SMEs in global trading are acquiring new business through participating in industry trade shows and getting the trade leads from online sources (Alibaba, Global Source, Taiwan Trade..etc).  The real problem started after catching the interests of potential customers.  The back and forth business acquiring process is lengthy (102 days) and the conversation rate is low (0.78%).  


Mainly because they are still solving the modern day problems with outdated tools, such us: e-mail, Line, WhatsApp, Skype…etc. This is making the entire deal making process inconsistent, alienated, and beyond control. 


Enterprises are waisting manpower, time, and resources operating on these outdated tools, which can only barely maintain their existing customers but lack of capacity to develop new market.


Patisco Take Your Business Online 

Patisco is simply a tool  will give businesses  a new way to run your business operations.

Patisco is the ONLY e-commerce tool that meets the needs of B2B businesses. It combines features such as online catalogs, shopping carts, and messaging services; which allow enterprises to easily manage different levels of customers to browse different products, at different trading conditions, and in different prices. In turn, companies can receive customization requests and order inquiries without getting offline. In this way, Patisco has assisted to automat business processes, reduce repetitive operations, improve business bottlenecks, and increase order volume.





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September 13, 2011

Demo: Patisco turns B2B communication into a private social network

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September 8, 2011

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30 Magazine

December 1, 2012

Patisco bring SMEs to the world.  In order to breakthrough, you need to know how to destroy yourself; therefore, you can find a new way




Patisco is set to be a disrupting force, as the traditional market structure is being questioned and slowly falling apart with rising costs and plateauing demand. Patisco users are able to tap into previously ignored markets as well as new and up-coming markets at the same time using Patisco.

Point Asia Co., Ltd.

Pedaling Forward (Bicycle Industry)

Increase profitability

Small customers +270 

Gross margin structure +15%

Super B Industry Co.

Super B (Hand Tool)

Increase productivity

Per capital earning +150% 

Paper usage dropped -80%

Silent Pro

Silent Professional (MILSIM)

Information management is 

highly concentrated, so they 

can work more cohesively.




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